Tier 1

Striker: Tracks shots on goal.

Tier 2

Scorer: Records goals scored.

Tier 3

Tactitian: Records centers.

Sweeper: Records clears.

Victor: Records wins.

Goalkeeper: Records saves.

Tier 4

Playmaker: Records assists.

Sniper: Records long goals.

Paragon: Amount of MVP's you earn.

Aviator: Records aerial goals.

Tier 5

Juggler: Records juggles.

Turtle: Records turtle goals.

Guardian: Records epic saves.

Acrobat: Record bicycle goals scored.

Show off: Records backwards goals scored.

If you have a certified item, for it to record its specified value it must be equipped to your car. To find the amount you have earnt for each item, on the main screen you must select 'Garage', and then 'Manage Inventory'. After that you must then select a certified item, when selected a popup will appear displaying your stats for the certified item.